Words On New Music, 2 Voices in Conversation!

Hello New Music fans!  Paul and I have a new episode of Words On New Music.  This one grew from a test conversation of Google Voice we did looking for an option to replace Skype.  We both had recent live music experiences and spoke about Paul’s hearing of the contemporary chamber ensemble, Southland Ensemble and mine, going to a show of a violin teacher of mine, Tom Swafford who led an evening of solo and duo performances at the Brooklyn IBEAM.  We discussed the new music CD release by Dr. Peter Thoegersen, a polytempic and polymicrotonal composer, Three Pieces in Polytempic Polymicrotonality and each spoke about our own compositional process and work in electronic and electro-acoustic music.

Listen now: WONM with Jim Goodin & Paul Muller: 2 Voices in Conversation

Music and composers featured this episode…

Other Forests by Carolyn Chen performed by the Southland Ensemble

Tango Izquierda by Tom Swafford

Milko from Three Pieces in Polytempic Polymicrotonality by Dr. Peter Thoegersen

LY2 Feb 13, 2019 by Paul H. Muller

Dream from Still by Jim Goodin

Author: Jim Goodin

I'm a musician with focus on new and experimental music, podcaster and voice over guy. I'm a runner and biker.

2 thoughts on “Words On New Music, 2 Voices in Conversation!”

  1. I am listening now to words-on-new-music-2-voices-in-conversation,. and thinking that there maybe a way to muffle the sounds of the conversation by expanding the sample size and re-render the original song with the new sample size. This could be done by using paulstretch set to one… but only adjusting the sample size to one second. I was thinking to use the words on new music 2 voices in conversation where the idea came from near the beginning of. So taking the start of this show I set paulstretch to 1 times and 1 second basically just the two inputs for paulstretch were 1. I made a second work excerpt that was set to half a second sample. This is an example of why I like the shows you two make. Something new always in the works with the shows. I really hope I have not stepped over a boundary or something I can edit the constructions if need be. so the link is,..


  2. Bill thanks for the kind words and inventive thoughts in re-process! You’re always thinking beyond the box sir!


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